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Blueprint Cornhole Bags



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The Pro is our most popular and most versatile bag. With a speed of 8-9/6 the Pro bag is great for pushing, blocking and sneaking into the hole effortlessly. Our tiny pro resin gives it a great, sand-like feel in the hand. 

Plays similar to: Pro Sniper

The Pro Solid

Our newest variation on the Pro bag comes standard with a solid gray back and we've nicknamed it the Pro Solid.  Check it out here.

The #1 Choice for Customs

The Pro is also our number one choice for customs.  The high-quality fabrics are perfect for producing vibrant images on both sides.  The controllable speed and hole-friendliness create an excellent beginner bag perfect for most board conditions and throwing styles.  See for yourself! The Blueprint Pro does not disappoint.

Ordering the Correct Set:

Step 1 (Color) - Choose your desired color from the options listed.

Step 2 (View) - Choose STAMPED if you would like the ACO Stamp displayed on the slow side of your bags.  This is appropriate for anyone who competes (or plans to compete) in the ACO and may appear on a live feed court where stamped bags are required.  If you select UNSTAMPED (or FAST SIDE)  this means you do not desire to have the ACO stamp on your bag.  Therefore, you will receive a standard bag with no ACO stamp.  This option would be appropriate for anyone who does not compete in the ACO.

**Special Note** Currently, both stamped and unstamped bags are allowed to be used in the ACO on all courts.  Beginning in Season 19 (August 2023) all bags used in the ACO must be ACO stamped.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Blueprint Basics

Speed Chart



How Do I Break In My Bags?

Blueprint Cornhole Bags are ready to throw right out of the package and we think that's the best option for breaking them in.

However, we understand the need to speed up the process. The second best option is to soak bags in warm water for about 20 minutes and dry on low heat.

While we understand there are more aggressive methods of breaking in bags, we do not recommend them as our fabrics are very flexible and they will continue to break down and get looser over time.

ACO Stamp

Blueprint Cornhole Bags is a licensed bag partner with the American Cornhole Organization. Therefore, all of our bags are approved for play in the ACO Pro Series and on live broadcast courts both stamped and unstamped.

We currently offer all our bags with the ACO Stamp. If you would like your bags unstamped, or have any questions, please send us a message before placing your order.


The current ACO Bag Policy is that bags both unstamped or stamped bags may be thrown in the ACO. Bags with an ACL (or non-ACO stamp) must have the stamp marked out with a dry erase marker to be thrown on live broadcast courts.

Beginning in Season 19 ALL bags thrown in the ACO must be ACO stamped and Blueprint Cornhole Bags will no longer sell unstamped bags.

"I reached out to Blueprint Cornhole Bags wanting to get some bags for my husband for our anniversary. They were very helpful and quick to answer all my questions. They sent me the design proofs promptly and shipped them quickly. The bags themselves look awesome and my husband said they feel great! Thanks guys for all your help with his gift. He loves them!!"

- Deidre Jones -