ACO Major Results - Juniors (Clarksville, TN)

     (Clarksville, TN) Day 1 of the Clarksville Major began early Friday morning for Noah Dennis and a stacked field of 25 juniors. As the number 4 seed, Noah received a first round bye before facing off with John Curtiss (20). Noah came out firing in his first game, taking a 12-0 lead after 3 rounds.  John battled his way back, but ultimately fell short to Noah (21-11). 
      In Game 2, Noah's endurance was put to the test as he fought through 27 rounds with Adam Alesandro.  It was a tight match but Noah prevailed (21-19), averaging an 8.48 ppr to Adam's 8.26. 
     In Game 3 Noah was pitted against Spencer Garner (8) who had just taken down Bryce Jefferson(1) in 16  rounds (21-16).  Unfortunately, Noah would suffer the same fate, falling to Spencer (21-16) after 18 rounds. 
     From there, Noah dropped to a tough spot in the losers bracket - waiting on the outcome of Lane Cruse and Isaac Hurt (3) to determine his next opponent.  He didn't have to wait long though, Isaac took Lane down (21-3) in 6 rounds before turning his attention to Noah.  In what would be his final game, Noah started off strong with an 8-2 lead after 4 rounds but his luck soon ran out as Issac gained 15 points in 4 rounds and kept the lead until the end.  A final score of (21-14) put Noah finishing in 5th place where he tied with fellow local player, Braden Alsman.  Nice run with the Blueprint Gamer Noah Dennis!
     Spencer Garner went on to face Mason Higgins in the championship, where he pulled out a win in Game 1 (21-19) but couldn't close it out in Game 2 (21-16) leaving Mason to walk away with the Juniors Championship title.  Way to go Mason!
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