ACO Regional Results - Singles (Bardstown, KY)


     (Bardstown, KY) Blueprint Cornhole Bags held its weekly ACO Regional yesterday at First Christian Church in Bardstown where 28 players battled it out for a place on the Winners Wall. The championship game came down to top dogs Richard Jones (Kings Seat) and Ron Wilson

     Number 1 seed Richard Jones fought his way through the winner's bracket with his Blueprint Gamers (8/5) and made it past solid players like Dennis Wheeler (21-6) after 18 rounds; Tyler Whitmer (21-18) after 14 rounds, including an unbelievable comeback from a 2-18 deficit; Fred Rice (21-6); and finally he took down Ron Wilson (21-1) to land in the king’s seat and wait for his opponent.

    Ron Wilson, with his Blueprint Pro’s (9/6) in hand, cruised through the winner’s bracket, but a mid-tournament switch to the stickier Blueprint Game Over’s (8/4) became problematic once he also landed on a sticky board (Court 1).

        Ron’s path of destruction included Jamie Underwood (21-5), Amber Thompson (21-9), Jody Thurman (21-12), Chris Newton (21-7) and then came his first loss of the night courtesy of Richard Jones (21-1). Once in the loser's bracket, Ron had to face off with Chris Newton once again (21-5), to make it back to Richard Jones.  Unfortunately for Ron, Richard was ready, and he pulled out a win in Game 1 of the championship (21-7) making Richard Jones the 2-time Singles champ! Ron Wilson picks up another 2nd place, still hungry for his chance to win it all.

     Our PPR leader of the night was newcomer Hailey King (9.77) over 47 rounds; Jody Thurman coming in 2nd (9.66) over 73 rounds. 1st place Richard Jones finished 5th in PPR throwing a (9.32) over 63 rounds and Ron Wilson right below him at (9.31) over 84 rounds. Great job by all!

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