ACO Major Results - Bag Master Quads (Clarksville, TN)


(Clarksville, TN)   An event new to the ACO tournament lineup for Season 19 is the Bag Master Quads.  In this team event, each player assembles their own team of 4 to compete in a blind draw where they are matched up against other teams of 4.  The rules are pretty straight forward: instead of each team consisting of 2 players (as in Doubles) and one player standing on each end, in quads, each team consists of 4 players with 2 players on each end. Each player gets only 2 bags to throw, instead of 4.  The players are allowed to throw their bags in any order, and can even change the order from one round to the next. The main twist is that all players on the team have to throw the same bag series from the same bag company,  as indicated by their team name.

     After placing 1st and 2nd in the Knoxville Major, Team Blueprint decided to enter 3 teams in the competition and go for  a clean sweep of the podium. Here are the results:

Team Blueprint #3

Captain: Keith Horn

Players: David Roundtree, Ricky Dennis, and Dennis Wheeler

Wins: Whatever It Takes-Burton Grimes (21-0); OTT-James Suggs (21-5); Big Daddy-Jaret Fox (21-9)

Losses: Blueprint Bags-Jody Thurman (0-21) and Lucky's-Eric Hoppenjans (19-21)

Finish: 17th place

Team Blueprint #2

Captain: Noah Dennis

Players: Jacob Dennis, Braden Alsman, and Joel Gonzalez 

Wins: CBC-Glen Latch (21-5); X Level - Bruce Pearcy (21-13); 1171-Jacob Whaley (21-17); Elite-Kody Mea (21-9) 

Losses: Gusto Bags (17-21); Lucky's - Eric Hoppenjans (14-21)

Finish: 7th place

Team Blueprint #1

Captain: Jody Thurman

Players:  Nate Stevens, Cody Brewer and Adam Bow

Wins: Blueprint Bags - Keith Horn (21-0); Arcane Bags - Richard Jones (21-0); OTT - Willie Johns (21-1); IMF-Austin Douglas (21-14)

Losses: Gusto Bags (15-21);  Lucky's-Eric Hoppenjans (13-21)

Finish: 4th place

Congrats to all the teams and big congrats to Team Gusto for winning it all!! This was a fun event! 

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