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 What To Expect at Blueprint Tournaments

1.  Scoreholio - We use the Scoreholio app for running the bracket.  Please download the app and have it available on your phone prior to the start of the tournament. The app will provide notifications and court assignments throughout the tournament.  We ask that all players watch their phones and be at the court promptly to start the match.

2.  Score Magic - Scoreholio has a Live Scoring feature that allows players to score matches directly from their phones.  We ask that all players use this feature to score and submit matches.

3. Kid-friendly environment.  There is no alcohol served at this location.  Please be respectful of the young adults who are also participating by refraining from any inappropriate gestures and/or language.  

4. Chips.  Most of our players prefer doing chip draw so we try to draw chips anytime we have less than 40 players.  Please arrive on time to help things run smoothly.

5. Seating is limited.  You are welcome to bring chairs.

Sign ups begin at 6:30 but arrive a few minutes early if you have any questions at all.  We're happy to help.


Live Scoring 


Score Magic