Order of Events

We try to schedule a full regional in Leitchfield at KG Sports at least twice a month, however, due to some issues with the building, that schedule is not guaranteed.  Please check our Facebook page and Scoreholio to confirm exact tournament dates if you are unable to find them on our website.  You can also reach out to Jody Thurman 270-766-4461 with any questions at any time.

Our typical schedule of events at Full Regionals is as follows, but is subject to change:

Click the icon below for the latest on the Kentucky State Tournament. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blueprint?

Blueprint Cornhole Bags is more than just a bag company- we are cornhole enthusiasts dedicated to growing the sport of cornhole in our region by providing a bag for every throw, a tournament for every competitor and a community for every player!

With the recent addition of an ACO Certified Official to the team, we are pleased to announce that we'll be offering Regional Tournaments throughout Hardin and the surrounding counties.

To start, we anticipate having full regionals monthly at KG Sports in Leitchfield as well as hosting Singles and Doubles on alternating Wednesdays at First Christian Church in Bardstown.

We hope to continue adding venues and events as the season progresses. Please check our website and our Facebook page for more information on upcoming tournaments.

We appreciate the continued support of our local community, businesses, and players in making these tournaments a success.

How Do I Sign Up for Blueprint Tournaments?

To sign up for regionals, it is required that each player first purchase an ACO Membership (click here --> Become An ACO Member) then also set up a free player account with Scoreholio.

Players can always find Blueprint tournaments listed on our website and on our Facebook page with links to Scoreholio.

To search directly within Scoreholio you'll want to open the app and select Find A Tournament. There are multiple options to filter tournaments by date, location, etc.

Once a tournament is selected, click on it and choose Register from the menu options. Boom! Each player will receive an email notification with further instructions.

Where Can I Find Upcoming Regionals?

In addition to this page, ACO Regionals hosted in conjunction with Blueprint Cornhole Bags in the Hardin-Nelson-Grayson and surrounding counties can be found on Our Facebook Page and on Scoreholio.

For a complete directory of ALL ACO Regionals offered across the country visit:

American Cornhole Organization Events on Facebook

How Do I Become An ACO Member?

ACO Membership options start at only $20 with a full membership costing $50 annually.

Click the link at the top of this page "Become An ACO Member" for more information on the benefits of ACO Membership and an opportunity to purchase your membership directly from our site.

What Bags Can I Throw?

Only ACO approved and stamped bags may be thrown at ACO Regionals.

Blueprint Cornhole Bags is a licensed partner with the ACO and all of our bags are approved for use in ACO tournaments.

Visit the ACO website for a complete list of all approved bag manufacturers and links to their websites.

How Are Points Awarded?

Players receive ACO points based on how they finish in each division in which they compete.

Below are the points awarded for all divisions in Season 19 ACO regionals:

1st - 25 points

2nd - 24 points

3rd - 23 points

4th - 22 points

5th - 20 points

7th - 18 points

9th - 16 points

13th - 14 points

17th - 12 points

500 bonus points are awarded immediately upon receiving an ACO membership. 600 total points are needed to compete in Worlds.

The World Championship of Cornhole occurs every year during the last week of July and is the only opportunity to obtain Pro Status within the American Cornhole Organization. Visit their website for more details.

Why is the payout 70%?

ACO Regionals are tournaments organized for the community through American Cornhole Organization Certified Officials. Regionals facilitate obtaining points locally for ACO events. Local tournaments allow players to accumulate points without sacrificing the time and expense of traveling to Major competitions (which are often several hours away).

ACO Certified Officials owe fees to the ACO, both annually and for each division hosted, at each regional tournament. Certified Officials are also responsible for renting venues, providing ACO equipment and software, paying related subscription fees and maintaining records related to memberships and points on behalf of the ACO. For these reasons, Certified Officials retain a portion of the fees collected. The current standard split is 30% pay out toward expenses and 70% pay out to players. Certified Officials, however, are free to modify the pay out structure at their discretion.

Blueprint Cornhole Bags strives to keep tournament fees as low as possible to allow for payouts as high as possible at every tournament we host and/or sponsor.

Our Promise To You

All Blueprint Cornhole Tournaments are ran by an ACO Certified Official. We strive to provide the best experience possible for all players. Please reach out to us with any questions, comments or complaints.

We are open to your feedback and here to address your concerns - whether it be discrepancies with points or issues with tournaments. Here, we are family, just give us a holler. We will get back with you as soon as possible.

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